Protect 4 Life 

Unless properly vaccinated, your pets runs the risk of contracting one of several possibly fatal infectious diseases. In order to defend your pet against these we have re-introduced the NEW Protect4Life plan. 

For a one-off fee, your pet will receive annual vaccinations and a nurse health check every 6 months with no further charges.


Protect 4 Life Scheme - Dogs & Cats - £99
Protect 4 Life Scheme - Kitten - £149
(includes 1st & 2nd Vaccination and 4 weeks free insurance)  
Protect 4 Life Scheme - Puppy - £140
(includes 1st & 2nd Vaccination and 4 weeks free insurance) 

Terms & Conditions

  • Protect4Life is a non-refundable offer.
  • Protect4Life is valid for the lifetime of the registered pet and is transferrable between clients should ownership of the pet change however this offer is NOT transferable to another pet.
  • Protect4Life may NOT be used by any animal other than the registered pet. For this reason any animal on the Protect4Life scheme MUST be microchipped (microchipping is not included in the price of the scheme).
  • This offer is only applicable to cats and dogs (cats include RCP FELV and dogs include DHPPi L) and does not include vaccinations 
  • Any adult dog entering the scheme must be up to date with their vaccinations (proof of vaccination may be required).
  • We aim to send booster reminders to all clients but can not guarantee to do so. It is your responsibility to make sure you return your pet to the surgery every 12 months for their annual vaccs.
  • If at any stage your pet becomes overdue for its boosters it will be necessary to start the course again. In this case, you will need to pay for a booster at the current rate before re-commencing on the Plan.
  • If you decide to change practice for medical treatment (other than being referred by us for specialist medical treatment) this offer becomes invalid. 
  • Protect4Life is available only to clients who are up to date with all payments due to the practice. You will not be entitled to any vaccinations and/or examinations on the Protect4Life scheme until your account is up to date.
  • This offer is valid at all Rase Veterinary Centre clinics.
  • The practice reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.