Surgical Procedures 

We are able to perform routine surgeries at all of the practices.

At our hospital in Market Rasen we have full surgical facilities. Two dedicated small animal operating theatres, one dental suite and expertise for complicated orthopedic procedures including spinal surgery. Separate cat and dog are wards are provided for comfortable, quiet recovery post anesthetic.

We are able to commonly perform all routine surgical procedures. In addition we can offer the following for the more complex cases:

  • Soft tissue surgery including laser surgery
  • BOAS surgery
  • Complex wound reconstruction
  • Oncologic surgery
  • Parotid duct transposition (for the condition of dry eye in dogs)
  • Complex orthopedic surgery including fracture repair, cruciate surgery, spinal surgery and hip replacements
  • Complex dental surgery inc. fillings

Our Routine Neutering Policy

Pets are always anaesthnitised for neutering and can often go home on the same day.

Dogs - Depending on the size of the dog we suggest that castrations can be carried out between 6 months and 1 year. Bitches may be spayed after 6 months and usually between their 1st and 2nd season.

Cats - Cats can be both spayed or castrated from 5 months of age.

Rabbits - Rabbits can be neutered from 5 months of age.

We can also perform neutering on ferrets, guinea pigs and other small furry animals. Feel free to give us a call to discuss this.