Here at the Rase Veterinary Centre, we have the equipment to perform video endoscopic examinations. Endoscopy uses cameras and lenses to examine areas of the body that are not accessible from the outside. This usually involves inserting the endoscope through a body orifice to examine the inside of a structure. In this way we can examine the oesophagus, stomach, proximal duodenum, rectum, nose, trachea and bladder.

The endocope can be used for sever procedures including retrieval of foreign objects from the nasal cavity (ie. Grass seeds) or esophagus (splintered bones). In addition it can be used to obtain biopsy punches or just to allow the vet a view of the stomach or internal organs. Most animals will require a general anaesthetic for endoscopy as they will not tolerate the insertion of the endoscope.

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